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Yoga Parties

Celebrate – Yoga Style –  with a Yoga Party!

Dream Yoga Studio offers Yoga Parties—a unique way to celebrate a birthday or simply to have lots of fun and share something special with friends.  Take the stress out of having a party!  A party with a yoga focus—based on the yoga principles of “keep it simple” and “less is more”—gives children and adults a simpler, saner way to celebrate, relax and have a good, healthy time.


Our Yoga Parties are unique, age-appropriate, and include fun creative poses, breathing techniques, and music. Each session ends with deep relaxation.

Whether you want a party at the Studio, your home or another location, Dream Yoga Studio will provide yoga mats, eye pillows, blankets, music and props, along with a Certified Yoga Instructor to lead a one-hour (or longer) themed yoga session for up to 16 children or adults.

Our yoga parties aren't just for the little ones...we throw the best yoga bashes for all ages.

Child’s Birthday or Pre-Slumber Party

Age Groups: Toddler, Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School


Young children participate in yoga games and songs, and have relaxation time. You can choose a fun theme – Yoga Spa, A Day at the Beach, A Trip to the Zoo, Funny Farm, Circus, Outer Space, Dinosaurs, Nature Walk, Hawaiian Luau, Character (for example, Self-Love, Patience or Compassion), or Yoga Games. Older kids might consider the “Yoga Spa” or a “Yoga Boot Camp” theme; a Balancing or Backbending theme, or Yoga Games. Or choose a theme of your own and the instructor will design a yoga class just for you.

Yoga Spa Party: Includes aromatherapy with hand and foot massages, and relaxation through visualization.

Yoga Party for Adults

A party is a great way to introduce family and friends to yoga. Adults can learn yoga poses along with better breathing, meditation, restorative yoga and relaxation techniques. Or you can focus on a Theme—such as “Living Fully in the Moment,” “Get Energized!” or  “Pamper Yourself.”  Or choose of Theme of your own! The party can include fun Partner Yoga and Partner Thai Yoga Massage to help participants increase flexibility and relieve deeply-held tension.



Let us help you throw a magical yoga party. A Yoga Party at Dream Yoga Studio includes:

  • Exclusive use of the large classroom in our beautiful Studio for 2 hours (or more for an additional fee).
  •  Use of the Reception Area before and after class, and for parents who want to wait for children during the Party.
  • A full hour-long yoga class (with a fun theme) taught by a certified, fun-loving Dream Yoga Instructor.
  • Use of yoga props – blankets, straps, blocks, eye bags, bolsters (and chairs at the Studio).
  • Two 2' x 4' tables.
  • Parents/Party Giver supply food, drinks, cake and party favors, and clean-up.
  • Food served yogi (picnic) style -- floor coverings included.

Available Days/Times: We’re flexible! The Studio is most available for Party Reservations on Friday, Saturday or Sundays. Some mornings and afternoons are also available. Teachers can also come to your location. Please confirm availability to reserve a day/time.

Time(s): Two-Hour Parties (1 Hour of Yoga Instruction; when at Studio, 1 Hour for Sharing, Refreshments, Gift Opening)

Party Fee: $195 for up to 10 children/adults for one hour yoga instruction at the Studio.

$12 for each additional person (up to 16 total); $45 additional to travel to your location.

$55 extra for an Instructor Assistant (when desired or for more 16 participants)

Yoga at Your Home or Other Location: $45 extra (includes travel time and transport of props).  You'll need a room or outdoor space that is large enough for each child/adult to roll out a yoga mat and to move about freely.

The following can be ordered for your party as GIFTS for GUESTS (a minimum of 10). Please order at least 3 weeks before your party.

  • Eye Pillows/Bags by HuggerMugger.  Place over eyes to aid in relaxation/reduce tension around eyes and brow; or place across palms to relieve hand tension.  4" x 8"  silk outer cover (zippered/removable for hand washing). Stuffed with your choice of filling—herbal or flaxseed.  Colors: Cobalt Blue, Purple, Gold or Sage Green.   $17
  • Kid-sized Yoga Mats: Great for toddlers all the way up to about age 10. Size: 24"x 60”; ¼-inch thick for extra cushioning.  Colors: Pink/Red, Blue, Glow-In-The-Dark, Blue, Orange, Purple. $22.  
  • Yoga Mats for Teens/Adults: $20 (for solid color–purple, dark blue, slate blue, );  or $27 (for special “Nature  Collection” Tapas Mat“Nature” –Amethyst/Purple, Niagra/Blue, Glacia/Blue & Green, or Sunset/Orange-Red, .
  • Mini-Scented Lotions:  $4 each
  • Bottled Pure Essential Oils:  $22 (5 ml).  Order in Lavender, “Serenity,” “Calm,” “Clear,” “Energy,” or “Heart Chakra.”

This is a Party that you or your child will never forget!  

Reserve your special day! For more information or to reserve a party date, call Luann at Dream Yoga Studio at 703-448-9642, or her Home Office at 703-917-0067. You will receive a Contract to sign, an Order Form for gifts for guests, and Safety Waivers for your guests. Once your party is booked, we will review the Party Lesson Plan/Theme, and coordinate any special requests.