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Dream Yoga Class Registration

5 Ways to Come to Class

1. New-to-Dream students who live locally can get their first class FREE when you mention this promotion or get a FREE Newbie Class Pass

Or get an even better deal for 1st- timers.
Purchase a

3 for $33 Class Pass

3. Purchase a 5 for $99 Class Pass

4. Register for a class in the current session. This is the BEST DEAL - Like a Class Pass. By registering for a quarterly session, versus Dropping In to classes, you  save up to $8 a class -- an average of 1 class FREE for every 3 your purchase! You can make up missed classes in any class, before or after you miss, in the current session.

Fees: $18 for 1st class. $16 for 2nd class. $14 for 3rd class.

You can see the exact fee for a class

in our Registration System.

Of course, we'll switch your class if you decide another class works better for you.

5. You're welcome to Drop In.  Purchase a $22  Drop-In Pass.

No registration needed to drop in.


Registering for a Class / Fees

Dream Yoga provides classes on a quarterly basis – with sessions in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. We have classes seven days a week, except for weeks in between sessions.


How to Attend a Dream Class

Drop or Walk In

We welcome students to Drop In to classes in any of our sessions, whether you live locally or are visiting our area. Please see more information about dropping or walking in a class below.


Register for an Entire Class Series

When possible, we highly encourage students to register for a session—versus just dropping in.


Among the many reasons to register:

    • To get up to an $8/class discount when you register for classes.
    • To avoid disappointment. Space is limited and registration ensures you get a spot in the class or classes of your choice.
    • To ensure the class of your choice “makes.” We need at least six (6) folks to register for a class to be offered.
    • To avoid over-crowded classes.
    • To provide the best instruction possible. Classes whose students attend regularly have coherence. Students progress in their practice more quickly and fluidly.
    • To inspire you to practice. We have found, when students make a commitment to coming to class regularly by registering for a class, they are more likely to do so. And of course the more you do yoga and meditation, the more quickly you will see the results you want and maintain them.


We know you’re busy!  To encourage you to register for classes, Dream has a very liberal Make-Up Policy.



When to Register

You can register at any time before or during a current session. Fees are prorated from the time you join.


The sooner you register, the better—to ensure you have a spot in the class of your choice.


There is no registration at any time for Drop-In Students. You're welcome to Drop In to any class. Please come a little early, so we can greet you and get you settled in. 

Please read  Dream's Policies prior to completing your registration.  You will also be asked to read and agree to Dream's Registration Agreement prior to attending any Dream class,workshop or event.



Four (4) Easy Ways to Register!

You can register for classes and workshops at Dream Yoga online, in person, by mail or phone. Online registration is in real time, is the quickest way to register, and is the best way to ensure a space in your desired class.


1. Online

Just click on the online “Registration button in the upper right corner of all website pages. You’ll be invited to create your own private account in Dream Yoga’s secure registration system. You’ll receive a temporary password you can use for registration (or you can change the password to one of your choice).


Our on-line Registration System allows you to select and pay for the class(es) or workshop(s) of your choice via VISA or MASTERCARD, and gives you an Invoice.  It also tells you when a class is full or cancelled.


When registering, please fill out personal information—health challenges and personal goals—that will help our teachers serve you better.


You can also choose to receive occasional emails with news of Dream classes and workshops, registration information, special events, etc., by signing up for our "Newsletter."

2. By Mail

Click Here to get a Registration Form or obtain one at the Studio. Fill it out and mail it with your check , money order or Credit Card information to:

Dream Yoga Studio & Wellness Center

1485 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 104

McLean, VA 22101


3. In Person

Obtain a Registration Form at the Studio or Click Here to get the Form. Fill it out, and pay fully by check, money order, cash or credit card  (Visa or Mastercard) at our Studio.


4. By Phone

Call 703.448.YOGA (9642) to have someone fill out your form for you and charge your credit card. If you need immediate assistance, you can also try Luann's Home Office, 703-917-0067.


Classes:  Drop-In (Walk-In) Students

Students who don’t register for the Current Session of classes are welcome, as long is space is available. The fee for non-registered Drop-In students is $22/class.


You can just drop in to a class suitable to your skill level. However, space is limited. To avoid disappointment, we encourage you to email or call to let us know you want to drop. If you DO NOT receive notice that there is NOT room for you, please come! You will have first-dibs on an open spot over Drop-Ins who don’t give notice.


Students who are registered for at least one Dream class are encouraged to explore other classes, suitable to their skill level, as often as you can. the Drop-In fee for registered students who attend an extra class is $20.


You cannot register online for a Drop-In Class.




Fees for classes vary depending on class content and duration.  There is up to an $8 discount per class if you sign up for more than one class.

Fees are prorated from the time you join a class.

For exact fees and a full listing of classes, go to the Class Schedule(s) in our online registration system.   (Please remember that these listed fees are prorated if your joining the class after it has begun. PLUS, we have a liberal class Make-Up Policy. Sign up for the class you feel you might attend the most, but feel free to make up in any other class of your choice before you miss, or after, any time in the current session. You can also just try out other classes. So, when you register, you get the most discounted "Class Pass"!


Fees for On-Going Classes - When You Register


$18 - 1st Class

$16 - 2nd Class

$14 - 3rd Class


$16 Yoga for Teens & Tweens

$22 Family Yoga (for each Adult & Child)


New students can sample a class FREE with the mention of this promotion at their first classGet Free Newbie Pass.

Or purchase a 5 for $99 Class Pass

You're welcome to Drop In, too! No registration needed to try a class.

By registering, versus Dropping In to classes, you save $$ -- getting an average one class FREE for every 3 you pay for.

We also have classes and special Mini-Courses that vary in duration --  4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc.

A slightly higher fee is charged for these special classes. Fees are listed when you Register.


Fees for Drop-Ins

$20     Yoga classes for registered students             

$22     Yoga classes for unregistered students     

$20     Yoga for Kids, Teens & Tweens 

$26     Family Yoga (for each Adult & Child)