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Dream Yoga Products

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Dream Yoga Products







Yoga, Meditation, Health and Healing Goods

The Dream Shop stocks exceptional supplies and props for your journey.  Take a look at all our products next time you are in the Studio. Below is a "taste" of what we offer.

Products Dream Yoga Studio carries includes these and more.

Staff Recommended

  • Books for Students & Teachers
  • Inspirational Card Decks
  • CDs (music and for practice)
  • DVDs (emphasizing Kripalu Yoga)


  • Tapas Original Mat, 68” long, 1/8” thick
  • Tapas Original Extra Long Mat, 74”, 1/8” thick
  • Tapas Ultra Mat, 68” long, ¼” thick
  • Tapas Ultra Extra Long Mat, 74”, ¼” thick
  • Tapas Nature Original Mat, 68”, 1/8” thick
  • Tapas Nature ULTRA, 1/4” thick
  • Earth Elements “Toxin-Free”
  • Tapas Travel Mat  1/16” thick
  • Cotton Practice Rugs  (Mat Alternative)


  • Large Round Solid & Premium Fabric
  • Standard Rectangular Solid & Premium Fabric   
  • Small Round ‘Pranayama Pillow’ Solid & Premium Fabric               


  • SANDBAGS    Solid & Premium Fabric     
  • Mat TOTE BAGs
  • Yoga Mat Harness
  • EYE BAGS (Silk Flax Seed)
  • BELTS 6-8-10 Foot Cotton Straps
  • BLANKETS Mexican and Standard Yoga Blanket
  • BLOCKS 3 and 4 inch Foam; Cork
  • Foam Wedge
  • Tingsha Bells
  • Yoga Towels
  • Yoga Jellies
  • Mat Spray

  • Meditation Books and Guides
  • Various Guided Practice CDs
  • Various shaped Meditation Cushions
  • Meditation Benches
  • Hand-made Indian Shawls
  • Mala Beads
  • Fair Trade CANDLES  (Tall Glass Jar)

  • Books & CDs
  • Breathing Ball
  • Breathing Turtles


  • MELT METHOD Massage Roller & Book

           Spiky "Peanuts"

           Therapeutic Soft Rollers

           Muscle Tension Release Balls

           Back Support / Lumbar Rolls


Doterra Esential Oils

  • Essential Oil Diffusers
  • Essential Oil Carrier Oils
  • Essential Oil Organizer/Carrier
  • Resource Book


  • Various Yoga Nidra CDs
  • Essential Oils


  • T-Shirts
  • Cups
  • Kripalu Bumper Sticker



  • Dream Yoga T-Shirts
  • Non-Slip Yoga TOE SOCKS            
  • Non-Slip Yoga Hand ‘PAWS’      


  • Banyan Botanicals
                  Balms & Dosha Oils

  • NETTI POTs, salt and other supplies
  • Tongue Cleaners
  • Aloha Bay – Scented Bath Salts
  • Hand Sanitzers
  • Tulsi Neem/Ajantha SOAP from India
  • Brushes for Dry Brushing


  • High Quality SHOYEIDO Lines
  • Nag Champa
  • Sage for Smudging
  • Various Handmade Incence Holders


  • Kombucha
  • Spring & Sparkling Wate
  • KIND Bars
  • Fig Bars
  • Ginger Chews
  • Hammer - Endurolytes
             for cramps & headaches
  • Organic TULSI TEAs from India



Do You Use a Neti Pot?

Dream highly recommends the use of the Neti Pot—an ancient yogic and Ayurveda technique for keeping the nasal passages and throat healthy.


Dream Yoga students have successfully used the Neti Pot to:Dream Yoga Health Products

  • Clear up sinus problems.
  • Eliminate the need for allergy medication, or reduce allergic symptoms.
  • Reduce headaches and their symptoms.
  • Experience fewer colds.
  • Reduce the symptoms on colds when they do get them.

If you don't know about Neti Pots, here’s a recent article reporting research on the Neti Pot.

Dream carries four different kinds of Neti Pots, including one for travel.  Luann will be happy to show you how to use a Neti Pot safely and most effectively.



Get MTO Kombucha a Dream!

Kombucha is a delicious, naturally brewed, healthy drink, rich in probiotics and B vitamins with a history dating back 2,000 years. MTO Kombucha (MTOK) is brewed by hand, with organic ingredients, using traditional techniques passed down through the centuries. MTOK drinkers typically sleep better, have more energy, better digestion, and fewer health problems.