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Registration, Fees and Policies

To find out HOW to REGISTER, and see our CURRENT FEES, go to 4 Ways to Register.  See our Registration Policies below.

Registration Agreement

Dream Yoga classes and workshops are offered on a first-come basis. When you register for a class or workshop, Dream Yoga makes a commitment to you to “hold your spot” therein. Your registration also affects our decision to hold or cancel a class, and secure/pay our teachers.  We need at least 5 students to register to be able to offer a class..


Registration is a commitment to yourself and helps ensure you do yoga, tai chi or meditation regularly. If you practice regularly, you’ll benefit more from your practice. When you feel the benefits, you’ll keep practicing…and our goal for you is to practice and receive the many benefits of practice for a lifetime. By registering—whether it be online, by mail, phone or in person—you are also agreeing to the following statement: 


I understand that Yoga/Meditation/Tai Chi are  disciplines that require a certain amount of mental concentration and physical strength and endurance. I agree to work at my own pace and according to my own limitations, and I take full responsibility for my safety and well-being. I hereby release Dream Yoga Studio, LLC,  its instructors, and T&M McLean Ventures/Metro Management Services (owner/manager of McLean Professional Park) from any legal or financial liability associated with my participation in any classes, workshops, and/or private instruction provided at Dream Yoga Studio or off-site.


I understand and agree to the Registration, Payment & Refund  Policies articulated below for classes and worskhops.  I also agree that I am solely responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend class.

Waiting List

All registrations are subject to space availability. If a class or workshop is full, you can get on a WAITING LIST online or ask/email us to be added to our  Waiting List. If a space becomes available, you will be notified via email.


Registration Confirmation

Dream does not confirm registrations, other than by the Invoice you receive when you register online. Please plan to attend the class(es) you register for, unless you receive notice of class cancellation. Classes that are canceled will also be so shown in our On-Line Registration system.


Make-Ups - Classes

Enrolled students are encouraged to attend their registered class. In the event of illness, travel or other unavoidable absence, students are strongly encouraged to get the full experience of their course (and explore other classes) by making up any missed classes. Missed classes can be made up in a class suited to your ability level any time during the current session, before or after you miss a class. 

Missed classes cannot be carried over to a later session, nor can missed classes be transferred to another (including family members) EXCEPT during the last two weeks of a session during our "Guest Make-Up" time when your guests are our guests.  You can bring a guest with you to make up any of your missed classes, or send them on their own. No need for them to register before coming to the Studio.

Parents can use their children's Make-Ups for missed classes any time in a current session. Tweens, teens and families can make up missed classes from the first 6-week session in a season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), in the second 6-week session ONLY if they are registered for the latter session.


Cancellation & Refunds - Classes

We need at least five (5) students to register for a class in order to hold it. If a class is canceled due to low registration or other reason, you will be notified by email or phone. If Dream cancels your class before it starts, you will receive a full refund. If you are not registered for a class, but want to Drop In, please check our online schedule first to ensure the class has made.


There is no charge if you make a mistake when registering on-line and immediately drop a class you registered for to register for a different class. There is a $15 administrative fee if you sign up for a class and give notice at least 4 days before the class that you want to drop the class. There is no charge to switch to another class (we want you happy!).  There is a $45 administrative fee if you drop a class less than 3 days before the class.  This helps ensure there is time for others on the Waiting List to register for the class.


Once a class begins, if you request a refund in writing, 100% of your fee is refunded minus a $45 administrative fee and the actual fee of each class attended/missed as of the date of written notification. There are no refunds after the third week of a class, and no exceptions to this policy (as we reserve your spot and hold classes based on your registration and commitment). Tuition cannot be carried over to a later session, nor can missed classes be transferred to another (including family members). We try to be fair to all students, to our teachers and to the Studio by upholding these policies. Refunds for classes are calculated on the date a cancellation notice is given, not on the date of the last class attended or missed.


We do not refund tuition for a Drop In class, reduce paid tuition, or credit your account for our FREE First Class for new students special, or any other specials, if you did not get your discounted pass online before attending and paying for your first class.

We do not extend the expiration dates for Class Passes, as the Pass Classes are discounted because you agree to use the pass by its expiration date.

Our Class Registrations & Class Passes are discounted in return for your financial commitment. 

When you register, for your commitment, YOU GET:

  • A number of FREE classes.
  • A variety of class options – in type, day and time.
  • A guaranteed space in the class of your choice.
  • Quality teachers who have top training, experience in teaching and providing options to meet your needs. Teachers with BIG caring hearts who truly want to support your journey.
  • Consistency in teachers and programming.
  • The opportunity to make-up classes in a variety of classes and explore other teachers.
  • The ability to share unused classes during the last 2 weeks of a class session. Parents can use their children’s make-ups in a current session..
  • The yoga STUDIO experience – small classes (including Private Classes) tailored to meet your needs; plenty of yoga/meditation props to enhance your experience; a clean environment; authentic instruction with an emphasis on safety; and quiet and calm.
  • No Group-On promotions or flash crowding.
  • An opportunity to be a part of, and benefit from, a true Sangha or yoga community that supports each other in our efforts to live consciously and holistically.   

Plus you affect our programming: Dream determines which classes it can offer and pays your teachers based on your commitment.

Please remember:

  • Registrations & Class Passes are not transferable. They cannot be shared by family members & friends (except the class 2 weeks of a session during our  “Guest Make-Up” time.)
  • Registrations for one session do not carry over into the next session.
  • There are no refunds after the third week of your registration.
  • Class Passes do not extend past their expiration date.


THANK YOU for your understanding and support of our efforts to be fair to all (EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU IS SPECIAL!) and provide you the best learning experience possible. It means a lot to us that you commit (via registration or a Pass) with the understanding that, sometimes, you might need to donate unused classes to support Dream and its teachers. It does take a Village to have the Dream! We hope the gifts we give you through our service make it worth your full participation/support.



Cancellation & Refunds - Workshops

We need at least six (6) students to register for a workshop in order to hold it. If a workshop is canceled due to low registration, inclement weather or other reason, you will be notified by email or phone if you are registered. If Dream cancels a workshop or event, you will receive a full refund.


There is a minimum $12 cancellation fee  per workshop or special event if you cancel your workshop registration*. To receive a refund (minus the cancellation fee), you must cancel at least 5 days prior to the workshop. If you do not cancel and don’t attend a workshop you are registered for (and thus take a spot in the workshop), the full fee for the workshop is due. To be fair to all, there are no exceptions to this policy.


*Note: Refund policies vary between regular workshops and special trainings/weekend intensives. The Refund Policy stated on the description of the specific workshop when you register prevails. If not stated, the cancellation fee for special trainings is $12 plus 4% of tuition.

To cancel or drop a workshop, submit a "Drop Request" by email, on-line, or by filling out a Drop Request Form at Dream Yoga Studio.


Canceling a Private Session (Yoga, Meditation, Massage or Other Healing Art)

When you make an appointment, your session time, the teacher's (or Healing Art Practitioner’s) time, and the Session Room are reserved for you. If a private session is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the session, the fee will be charge in full.  There is no charge for a cancelled session if you give notice directly to the provider at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session. We look forward to working/sharing with you, and are thankful for your consideration.

Bad Weather Cancellations

We do our best to keep classes, workshops and Healing Arts services going according to schedule when the weather isn’t ideal for travel. But the safety of our students, clients and teachers is always our number one concern when making decisions to hold—or to cancel—a class, workshop or service.


For group classes: Generally (but not at all certainly), if the Fairfax County Schools cancel activities or classes, so MIGHT Dream Yoga Studio.  If the schools close, check our voice recorder to see if we have too. We often can hold our classes when they can't.

Notice. If a class or workshop has to be canceled due to inclement weather, we try to post an announcement on Dream’s answering machine at least one hour before the class is scheduled to start. Time permitting, we might also send email to students registered for a cancelled class/workshop, so please check your email. We do not usually post cancellations on Dream's website, as there is usually not enough time to do this. If you are uncertain about a class or workshop, the BEST thing to do is to call 703-448-YOGA (9642) for an updated message.


No Notice. If there isn’t a notice and the Studio is closed when you arrive for class, please wait a few minutes, as your teacher might be delayed from weather-related traffic. If your teacher doesn’t show, we apologize in advance for your inconvenience.


Making Up. When classes are cancelled by Dream because of inclement weather, you are encouraged to make up the cancelled class in any class suitable to your skill level and interest in the current session.  An announcement will be made whenever Dream offers a full class as a “Cancelled Class Make-Up Class.”  There are no refunds for cancelled classes. We try to reschedule cancelled workshops; but if you can't attend the rescheduled workshop, we will refund your tuition.



Method of Payment

Dream Yoga Studio accepts VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards online and at the Studio. A minimum purchase via credit card is $15. Checks and cash are also welcome as payment for classes, private sessions, massage and other healing arts, and yoga props and other products at the Studio.


Ages for Class Participants

To attend a regular class, students should be at least 16 years old. Younger students should attend classes for Teens, Tweens, Children or Families.


Your Personal Belongings & Lost/Stolen Items

Dream has never had a problem with theft. But it’s always a good idea to limit the valuables you bring with you into the Studio. Please don’t leave your keys, your wallet or purse in the Reception Area or Shoe Cubby.  If you have a purse, please bring it into your classroom.


In the main classroom, please leave purses and other large personal items that are not yoga props or cover-ups by the door to the left when you enter the classroom. This helps keep the classroom clear for yoga use.


Dream Yoga Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Putting anything in the Coat Closet, Shoe Cubby or elsewhere in the Studio is at your own discretion.


If you do lose an item, please look in the Lost & Found Box, or contact Luann regarding watches or other items too valuable to place in the Box.

Studio & Student Etiquette

When folks walk into Dream Yoga’s door, they often take a breath and let out a sigh of relief. They know they have arrived at a sanctuary—a place away from their normal lives. A safe place to let go, relax, be present to the moment…and do something special just for themselves.

It takes a village to make Dream a place of refuge, a place to come home to YOU. To do your part, please read and honor our Studio & Classroom Etiquette Guidelines, "How to Have a Great Experience Together at Dream" posted at the Studio. Of particular note for new students:
  • Please come early to give the teacher time to greet you, check you in, and get you settled in.  Being on time means that you are on your mat, with your props, ready to go at the start time for the class. If you arrive late, come to class anyway. Enter mindfully and sit down immediately. Get props after the teacher’s introduction & centering! 
  • TIP: Do not rely solely on GPS to get you to Dream Yoga. Read our Directions here.
  • Inform the teacher before class if you have any limiting injuries or health conditions, special needs or are pregnant. Also share your level of experience with Yoga (Tai Chi or Meditation), especially if you're NEW.
  • Respect the quietude by turning your cell phone OFF before entering Dream.  Keep your phone on vibrate only for emergencies, and let the teacher know.
  • Promote good breathing! Avoid wearing scents--perfume/cologne, body sprays/lotions, anything with fragrance.

THANK YOU for helping to create the Dream Yoga ‘sanctuary’

*  A safe & supportive place for all to learn & share  *