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Meditation at Dream

Dream Yoga Studio approaches yoga movement and meditation as one integrated, comprehensive practice. Yoga helps your meditation practice and meditation helps your yoga practice.  Dream Yoga has an open approach to meditation believing many “skillful” techniques can be used to benefit the practitioner.

In Dream’s meditation classes, you can become familiar with the time-tested, relaxing and restorative qualities of mindfulness meditation. We explore the nature of stress and how meditation can help us lower our stress levels, and be more balanced and healthy.

Dream offers the following:

Meditation Classes
6- and 8-Week Mini-Courses on Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction
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YOGA NIDRA Guided Sleep Meditation & Deep Relaxation
  • Weekly on Sundays (6:30P - 7:30P) & Tuesdays (12:30P - 1:10P)  Register
  • Monthly on 3rd Fridays (7:00P - 8:00P)  Register

Yoga Flow & Let Go (Vinyasa Yoga followed by Yoga Nidra Guided Sleep Meditation)
Weekly on Mondays (7:15P - 8:30P)  Register

Also check out: Yin & Restorative Yoga (Yoga Mini-Retreat for Your Body & Mind) Register

Meditation & MBSR Workshops & Retreats

Meditation Private Sessions at Dream Yoga & at Your Location

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What to Bring to Meditation

Chairs, cushions, blankets, kneeling benches and props are available, but feel free to bring your personal sitting cushion if you have one, eye bag, etc.

What to Wear
Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  Avoid wearing clothing that binds the hips, legs or belly.