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Gift Certificates

Better health and a greater sense of overall well-being are truly gifts—what many people want and need help with!

You can give these gifts via a Gift Certificate from Dream Yoga Studio & Wellness Center.

Dream Yoga offers a variety of Private and Group Classes at the Studio and at your location for people of all ages and levels of fitness. We also provide Massage, Reiki, Yoga Therapy, The Bowen Technique, Nutritional Therapy, and other Healing Arts services, as well as Private and Group Meditation and Tai Chi/QiGong.

TREAT SOMEONE with a gift for their health and wholeness! Or ask someone to TREAT YOU!  with one of the following Gift Certificates, or one of any $$$ value you desire:


  • ANY $$$ Amount.  Purchase a Gift Certificate for a Class, Workshop, Healing Arts Service or Yoga/Meditation/Other Supplies in Dream's Shop. See a supply listing online.


  •  $33 for 3 Sample Classes (Our INTRO CLASS PASS -New Students Only).  A $66 value.


  • $60 for 60 Minutes (Our PRIVATE YOGA SAMPLER-New Students Only).  A $105 value.


  • $130 for a 1 ½-Hour Private Session with one of our Yoga or Meditation Instructors or Yoga Therapists (or $100 for 1 Hour; $115 for 75 minutes). Semi-Private Classes also available ($125, $140 & $155). 


  • $195 for a 2-Hour Yoga Party for up to 10 people with one of our fabulous instructors at the Studio. Or $230 at your location.


Purchase HERE Online NOW!

Or get more information and purchase a Gift Certificate by calling the Studio at 703-448-9642 (YOGA). Or contact Studio Director Luann Fulbright at or 703-917-0067 (Luann's Home Office).  You can also drop by to get a Certificate before or after a class or during our Office Hours.