Dream is pleased to offer workshops and special events to help you explore and develop various ways to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Our workshops are led by experienced members of our Dream Team as well as visiting instructors who enthusiastically share their wisdom and guidance.


Our workshops and special events provide a wonderful opportunity to take an in-depth look at specific areas of interest, and learn and deepen yoga and meditation skills. They also provide us another way to share and have fun with each other.


We have workshops and events for adults and children. Some workshops are offered one time only; some repeat throughout the session (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) as Short Course.

Currently, workshops are offered virtually only. 



To see a listing of upcoming workshops, go to our Class Schedule.  If workshops are scheduled, you'll be able to CLICK on WORKSHOPS in the Schedule.


For descriptions of our workshops, go to Workshops Descriptions.

Suggestions for Future Workshops?

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Let us know if you want to attend a workshop on specific topic(s) or lead by a specific teacher.

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