We Have a New Address

After 13 years at 1485 Chain Bridge Rd. in McLean, Virginia, we have returned to our original location at 1419 Woodhurst Blvd. Other than our location, everything remains the same for students as we continue to respond to COVID-19, provide online classes, and gradually add private and group in-person classes..

This Winter & Spring

We Are Continuing to

Dream-Stream Our Classes

until it's save to practice

together again in person.

Students love our online classes, which they say are so much better than recorded classes. They love interacting with fellow students and getting to be guided by the teachers they love. See student "Testimonials" in right column on this page.

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virtual Class Schedule

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We hope to see you online ...
soon and often!

Luann, Lauren & The Dream Team

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Private Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Life Coaching Sessions

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Breathe, Relax, Let Go & Feel Fully Alive!

You'll feel at home

the minute you walk through our door!


Dream Yoga Studio & Wellness Center is an independently-owned studio, now 18 years strong, located in McLean, Virginia, convenient to Tysons Corner, the 495 Beltway, and 267 Dulles Toll Road.  We offer 30+ weekly classes, workshops, private and off-site instruction, teacher training, massage and other Healing Arts services, room rentals, a Dream Shop and more.

Our amazing yoga and meditation teachers and healing arts professionals are dedicated to helping you experience greater health, well-being and personal growth in body, mind and spirit. We warm-heartedly welcome you as you are, and seek to provide a safe, inviting and nurturing environment that supports your journey.


Our Mission: Guided by the principles of yoga, we strive to create a true community that supports each other in our efforts to become more fully present, alive, balanced, peaceful, joyful and whole. We dream that our efforts will transform the way we experience our bodies and minds, each other, and the world.


Come…and explore yoga, meditation, tai chi, massage and other holistic paths to health and happiness. Come…and be inspired! Gain new perspectives and insights. Take a deep breath, exhale and relax…to come home to your true Self at Dream Yoga.

Coming Home…

Dream Yoga’s Home Page says, “Come Home!” This is because…many folks through the years have said that coming to Dream Yoga Studio is like “coming home.” They feel comfortable the minute they enter Dream's door.

But there’s another way to look at coming home—the yoga way.  Explore more about home-coming in the article, poems, Tips for Practice and “A Student’s Story” here.

Students Love

Our New

Virtual Classes!

"Thank you all SO much for organizing! The class was fabulous -- easy to see and follow! So happy!!!" -- P.A.

"Thank you for doing this. It is a great comfort in this unpredictable and very trying times." -- J.C.

"A great class and no commute! Thanks so much for setting up these real-time online classes. I think everyone who was on today ... loved the class. I really enjoyed the chance to "see" all the regular students. Please keep the classes coming; we all need some comfort and stretching right now." -- B.L.

"It was a wonderful Yoga Nidra experience for me. We are getting used to virtual yoga and I really like the ones where we can listen with audio laying down." -- K.K.
"Thank you for class today! I love the idea of inviting my children and their partners to a pranayama class with you... There is just something about practicing together that is heartening." -- S.R.

"I absolutely loved the class.... I think teaching through zoom will provide a much needed connection and it will work better than I expected. Hopefully, people will try it and all will work out so Dream continues to thrive. People will need you now more than ever. I will offer you guys as an option to my friends to see if they want to try it while they are social distancing." -- F.K.

It's Easy to Attend a Virtual Dream Class!

All classes are hosted via Dream Yoga’s Zoom account, so you do not need to purchase a Zoom conferencing plan yourself. Just download the FREE Zoom app from External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://zoom.us/download to access Zoom from your computer, IPad, Phone, etc..

Look at our External link opens in new tab or windowVirtual Class Schedule. Then External link opens in new tab or windowRegister for a Class. Then we'll send you a Zoom Invite with a  Class Access Link. You just click the link and join. Email Info@DreamYogaStudio.com if you have ANY questions or need help in registering.

We don’t Expect It …


Be Greatly Appreciated!

Especially in these challenging times, we need your help to keep the Dream going – to continue our 18-year mission of providing quality classes & services – and offer a true community – that  support you and all Dreamers (including those who can’t afford to pay for classes now) in our efforts to become more fully present, alive, balanced, peaceful, joyful, whole and healthy. We are deeply grateful for your participation & ANY $$ contribution you can make.

It does ‘take a village’!

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You'll get tips for yoga and meditation practice, better health, nutrition, stress and pain management, inspiring quotes, the latest information on Dream programs, more!

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