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YOGA INSPIRATION for Making Changes this Spring


In Springtime, trees and plants awaken from their deep sleep. As they sprout new leaves and blossoms on their barren branches, they give us a model for how we might realize new growth and renewal in our own lives.
"Business entrepreneur and leadership expert John Maxwell has said, "If we're growing, we are always out of our comfort zone." This is certainly true, the way we perceive growth. But the discomfort of growth and change might not be so imminent for us if we took our cues more from nature.
When trees grow, for example, they grow without judgment of whether they're growing the right or wrong way. They don't "should" themselves. They don't wish to be less of this or more or that. They don't compare themselves to others...or even to who they "were" in the past. The leaves don't quarrel with the branches or feel lesser or greater than any other part of the tree. Nor do they think they're superior to the grasses below them. And they don't resist growth or change in an attempt to remain comfortable by staying the same.
No. The trees, plants and flowers simply do what is in their nature. They blossom. They of desire and fear.
Yoga teaches us to be in the moment-free of grasping or pushing away-so we too might know our true nature. As the quote below stresses, it's within our nature to grow. And holistic body-mind-spirit practices like yoga can promote our growth like organic fertilizer does for plants.  As noted yoga teacher Eric Schiffman explains, "Change happens, especially when you're involved in a powerful transformative process such as yoga. You grow. You can't not change. That's just the way it is."
May you allow be happy to be right where you are and grow.  - L.F.
I watch the leaves grow, free from judgment and competition.
They grow to their fullness as they were designed to do.

Each one unique and independent, yet very much connected to its host.

I ask myself how I can freely become who I am here to be,
while supporting every human to do the same.
It is within our nature to grow....
The continued evolution of our unique purpose is begging us to grow and witness what greatness God has placed within us.
            --Monique Ruffin, Social and Spiritual Worker
               in March 2007, Science of Mind