Dream Yoga offers a wide variety of classes in yoga and meditation to suit your specific needs. We offer classes for beginning to advanced students and for all levels of ability.  We also offer private instruction online and at the Private Studio in Ashburn, Virginia.


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Yoga classes at Dream mostly feature Hatha Yoga taught mainly in the Kripalu Yoga style—a yoga practice that teaches the basic mechanics of yoga postures and breath…while encouraging inner focus, feeling, and mind-body awareness.  (See "About Kripalu" description below.)  Yoga classes include centering, warm-up movements, postures, and deep relaxation. Meditation classes are based in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Because Yoga Therapy is a key focus at Dream--in all classes, instructors stress the Therapeutic Benefits of the practices.


Dream offers you a supportive, non-competitive environment.  Students are invited to listen to and honor the “wisdom of their body” and work at their own pace according to the limits of their individual flexibility and strength.


Students often say they leave our classes feeling less stressed, centered, uplifted and inspired!


Dream is here to help you achieve your goals.  Let us know how we can help!


Props for Your Class.  In most classes, props are used as needed to facilitate your safety, learning and growth. All props needed for use in private classes at Dream Yoga Studio are provided. For online classes, our teachers are good at suggesting everyday items as props. But it's great for your practice if you eventually purchase your own mat, two thick blocks and a yoga strap. Classes can use a stable folding chair. It's also nice to have at least one firm blanket and an eye pillow. Your instructor will be happy to guide you on what and where to purchase.




About Kripalu Yoga

The majority of Yoga Teachers at Dream Yoga Studio have been trained by the nation's largest center for yoga and health - Kripalu. External link opens in new tab or windowKriplau Center for Yoga & Health has been training yoga teachers for more than 40 years. Kripalu Yoga--the yoga taught primarily at Dream Yoga Studio--brings you fully present to the moment-by-moment experience of being alive. The student performs yoga postures with breath, relaxation and feeling, which expedites the release of chronic tension and toxins from the body.


Self-observation without judgment allows a state of flowing awareness to arise in the mind. This activates prana, the life force, initiating a natural process of physical healing, psychological growth and spiritual awakening.

Kripalu offers a gentle to moderate+ intensity of yoga practice. Postures are built from the "ground up"—beginning from the proper placement of feet and working up to the head. You learn proper alignment—how to move and stretch to keep your body safe from injury. And you’re encouraged to "listen to the wisdom of your own body," and modify postures to suit your body. (There are no static "perfect" poses.)

As one becomes more advanced, the focus is on longer holdings of the postures. In Stage 2 Kripalu Yoga, students hold the individual poses for extended periods of time, to "move beyond the physical" and connect with one’s inner strength and source. In Stage 3 Kripalu Yoga, so much Kundalini (life energy) is channeled and released in the body that one begins to let the energy move the body. Adepts move into a spontaneous posture flow, letting the body guide them. Stage 3 Kripalu Yoga is called, "Meditation in Motion" or "a state of prayer, expressed in movement."

Kripalu has roots in Tantric Yoga, so the body/mind/spirit are linked. The body is considered a spiritual vessel as much as the mind.