There are many types of yoga. These include the hatha yoga we do at Dream Yoga Studio which focuses mainly on physical postures, breathing and relaxation/meditation. There’s bhakti yoga, a yoga of devotion; and Jnana Yoga—the process of converting intellectual knowledge into practical wisdom.


At Dream, we also practice karma yoga—the yoga of selfless work, service and contribution.


In the recent past, our students have generously given to help Bhutanese refugee families resettle into the metro area.  We filled our reception room twice with coats, blankets and household items that were distributed to the Bhutanese by a local group—the Bhutanese Refugee Empowerment (BRE) in DC Metro. We're currently working on raising funds to Benefit Haiti. Plus we have an ongoing Scholarship Fund.


Whether you’re a student at Dream or not, we hope you will join us in all our karma yoga efforts.